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Podex Exchange system offers you the possibility
to buy and sell virtual coins with no risk,
no need to register additional account
or to reveal your personal data.
Money is ready to cash out
immediately after accepting your transaction.

Buying virtual coins has never been so easy and safe!

Earn money as our affiliate

Sell virtual coins on your land
and earn real income
with Podex ATM terminals

If you are running your own grid
or planning to open it soon
we would be happy to offer our free of charge service
of managing the whole currency system.

Podex Exchange system offers you the possibility
to buy and sell virtual coins with no risk,
no need to register additional account
or to reveal your personal data.
Money is ready to cash out
immediately after accepting your transaction.

Buying virtual coins has never been so easy and safe!

Earn money as our affiliate

Sell virtual coins on your land
and earn real income
with Podex ATM terminals

If you are running your own grid
or planning to open it soon
we would be happy to offer our service
of managing the whole currency system.

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Podex Exchange  has been invited to set foot in the vibrant realm of Darkhearts Playground! With its website at https://www.darkheartsos.com and boasting an impressive community, Darkhearts Playground offers a haven for 648 registered users, with 1686 active logins in the past 30 days.

Spanning across 100 regions and covering an area equivalent to 107988 square kilometers, this grid is  diverse in offerings. From immersive role-playing experiences to shopping extravaganzas, Darkhearts Playground caters to a myriad of interests. Plus, with free parcels for homes and region rentals available in all sizes, residents have ample opportunities to shape their virtual abodes according to their desires.

DHPG Boutiques, the welcoming hub of Darkhearts Playground, sets the tone for the entire grid. As a "G" rated region, it ensures a safe and enjoyable environment for all visitors, closely monitored to maintain decorum. Should any concerns arise, a dedicated Admin Mailbox and direct communication channels with the owners stand ready to address them promptly.

Podex Exchange is thrilled to embark on this new adventure in collaboration with Darkhearts Playground, bringing seamless currency operations to enhance the virtual experience for residents. Stay tuned for more updates as we delve into this exciting partnership!

Exciting collaboration between Podex Exchange and Crying Grid, aimed at revolutionizing the virtual landscape!Podex Exchange, a leading authority in currency management within virtual environments, has embarked on a strategic partnership with Crying Grid, a pioneering platform dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable space for Spanish-speaking users. Crying Grid endeavors to create a vibrant community and foster exploration through the hypergrid, offering users the opportunity to traverse diverse worlds and engage in enriching experiences. This partnership with Podex Exchange signifies a significant milestone in Crying Grid's journey towards growth and sustainability as a premier destination for virtual interaction. 
By entrusting Podex Exchange with the management of currency affairs, Crying Grid aims to enhance user experience and streamline operations, thereby facilitating seamless engagement within the virtual realm. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to innovation and excellence, as both entities strive to redefine the boundaries of virtual interaction.


We are pleased to announce that the Wolf Territories Grid managed by Lone Wolf has decided to start a cooperation with us. The Grid is an OpenSim based Grid and is the 3rd largest grid in the metaverse according to Hypergrid Business.

The Wolf Territories Grid is a vast virtual world that covers over 1175 sqare km of land, making it one of the largest and most expansive virtual environments available. All the regions in the grid are joined together, providing an incredible continuous virtual world that is great for exploring and sailing.

We believe that this partnership with the Wolf Territories Grid will allow us to expand our business into virtual worlds and gain valuable insights into the behavior and interactions of individuals and groups in virtual environments.

We are excited about this new partnership with the Wolf Territories Grid and look forward to exploring the many opportunities that it will provide.

 Dear OpenSim grid owners,

We would like to recommend Hosting4OpenSim company as a reliable and trustworthy partner that can help you solve various issues related to your grid, especially those concerning currency modules. As the creators and operators of the Podex currency exchange service, we have had a positive experience working with Hosting4OpenSim and believe they can provide valuable assistance to grid owners looking to improve their currency module performance.

Hosting4OpenSim offers a wide range of services, including OpenSim grid hosting, website hosting, database management, and currency module setup and support. Their experienced technicians are knowledgeable about the unique challenges that come with hosting OpenSim grids and are able to provide personalized solutions to meet your specific needs.

We understand how critical it is to have a functioning currency system in your grid, and we believe that Hosting4OpenSim can provide the necessary support to ensure your currency module is running smoothly. We have confidence in their ability to help you achieve a stable and successful grid.

We hope that you will consider Hosting4OpenSim as a potential partner in managing your OpenSim grid. If you have any questions or would like more information about their services, please feel free to contact them directly. https://hosting4opensim.com/

Best regards,

The Podex Team


Good news! Podex is now available on the grid Scrappyjims scrappyjims.com. This integration of Podex on this platform is a significant step in strengthening the virtual economy and enhancing  user experience.

We believe that this integration will offer new opportunities for entrepreneurs and creators in our community to monetize their virtual assets and services.

We are excited to provide the best possible experience for our users on our platform. We look forward to seeing the positive impact this integration will have on our community's virtual economy.


We are pleased to announce that Podex Exchange has entered into a partnership with Virtual Melody, a grid run by Rogue Galaxy. Virtual Melody is known for its vibrant music scene, and we are excited to bring this experience to our users.

Visitors to Virtual Melody can expect a variety of live music events featuring some of the most talented performers in the virtual world. We believe this partnership will provide our users with an unparalleled entertainment experience.

Thank you for your continued support of Podex Exchange!

Little Breath Grid, friendly and cosy wirtual world decided to switch to Podex Exchange and builing our new office there there was just a pleasure. The implemenation of  new hypergriding option went smoothly and now avatars from all grids can buy and sell their products in this nice place. Visiting Little Breath will surely not be a waste of your time!


It is a next milestone in our history. We have implemented and tested  hypergrid transactions and you do not need to be a resident of a virtual world to buy, sell or transfer coins. You can be a hypergrid visitor and have possiblity to use our service as a native avatar. Virtual world owners need to make a small change in their grid software and we will do the rest. Do not hesitate to contact us for more details! 

We recommmend reading Maria Korolov article regarding this case.


Aviworlds, the grid listed in the chart of top 25 most active virtual worlds, decided to switch from Gloebit to Podex. We are happy to welcome new users  and want to remind that our service is always free and we never charge any fees, including intergrid and avatar-to-avatar transactions. Happy trading!

Update regarding Podex system failure. Good news! Our IT team managed to restore Podex system and all avatars can buy, sell and transfer coins as before.  

Podex service temporary failure
We are sorry to inform you that our services are temporarily suspended. It is caused by the big fire that destroyed some of OVH servers where our data was stored. We are still waiting when they restore it from back-ups. It can take some time so be patient please and give your real life a chance. 

You can follow the progress of work at Octavia Klaba's Twitter

 We are sorry to inform all our customers that we are not able to process cashouts from A51 WORLD grid at the moment. Please contact us if you have already made transfer to us and your coins are not returned to your account.

We made some minor changes to our Privacy Policy. As our business principle has always been to collect as little information as possible we did not have a lot of work to comply to new GDPR regulations. Changes mainly concerned your "right to be forgotten" and data transfer to a third party on your request.
Good news for all avatars. Transfers of coins between grids are free of charge since today. You can easily use your funds in every grid served by Podex Exchange.

Venture Worldz is the next grid who decided to use our service. Say hello to our new friends and do not hesitate to register and check what they offer!

We are sorry to inform that our cooperation with Genesis Metaverse Grid has been temporarily suspended. Please contact us by our web page in case on any problems. We will let know know about further steps soon.
Wishing only the best things in all the worlds wgere we we all exist I am sending you a virtual Christmas tree created by my friend Joanna from FlyBirds Box. Merry Christmas!
Virtual Highway, one of the best established grids decided to use Podex Exchange service instead of its own currency exchange and we have just finished implementation process. All Virtual Highway avatars are now given possiblity to cash out the VHs which they have on their accounts and purchase the new coins from Podex. Transfer to and from other grids is active too.
We are sorry to inform that we stopped proceeding the exchange of coins from grids supported by Podex into Inworldz currency. Since now, the only way to obtain Inworldz coins is to pay for them by Paypal or wire transfers. 

Good news for Genesis avatars. The owners decided to reopen it as Genesis Metaverse and asked us to cooperate with them again. Of course we happily agreed and now you can buy and sell Genesis Metaverse currency and exchange it for currencies of other grids. The Welcome Area is one of the most astonishing I have ever seen!
Neverworld is the next grid serviced by Podex. Welcoming owners offer not only typical locations but also intriguing roleplay area called Stillwater "A  place where, hidden among the pines or tucked on a tropical beach are spots to socialize and live, spaces to dance and meet up, and places to create and sell"
We are proud to present a new version of our banking system which will simplify the way we interact with our customers, especially the sellers of virtual coins. The main new features are: automatically updated exchange rates of real life currencies, simplified way of cashing out and, the most important, immediate transfer of coins between grids, which is now possible not only for Podex customers but all avatars inhabiting virtual space. You just pay the terminal and have coins in other grid!

Our clients will be surely happy to know that the list of grids supported by Podex Exchange has increased. This time we welcome 3rdLife Grid and The Encore Escape in our family. 

We welcome a new grid in Podex Exchange family. Great Welcome Area surrounded by astonishing landscapes of nearby parcels are the first impression when you enter Genesis Global Journey.
After careful consideration of our customers wishes we decided to implement features which should simplify all trading processes.
The main differences are in the way of purchasing coins, where the transaction is initiated in a grid, not on Podex web page and in the affiliate objects, which do not need any activation and can be distributed freely now.

We do hope that our new system will improve your virtual experience.

We are happy to announce that we’ve just launched our ATMs in the beautiful grid of Island Oasis.

You can find our office at Island Oasis/173/70/23
Hope to see you all there!

Good news! We’ve just passed another milestone - the total number of 15 grids, which we have a pleasure to work with, increased today!

We’ve launched our service in a new virtual world - MY VIRTUAL COMMUNITY - offering possiblility of currency exchange for both real and virtual money.

MVC is a virtual world focused on creativity and community.
All creators, designers, club owners and everyone who would like to help growing their community - you are all cordially invited to join in and grab their free welcome gifts:

  • a commercial plot on a main square MVC PLAZA for your shop and
  • a full region just for you and nobody else (for up to 3 months) 
Register an account through their website: www.my-virtualcommunity.com

We are pleased to inform that the brief technical PayPal problems that we experienced in some grids have been solved and all our dear customers are welcome to use this payment service again.

We appreciate your patience, thank you.

Ho ho ho!
We've just added a little bit of Christmas Spirit to the Podex main office!

But let us warn you -
Any attempts to open gifts placed under the Christmas Tree BEFORE Christmas will be treated as ToS violation and immediately reported both to Linden Lab and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Merry Christmas to our dearest customers! 
You might have noticed additional grid logos on our home page - yes, it means that we've been very busy at Podex recently!

As a result we are happy to announce that we have our offices in two new virtual worlds now:

Amazing, beautifully designed and effectively managed grids - if you haven't already, make sure you pay them a visit!

Podex Office in Lost Paradise
hop://lpgrid.com:8002/Podex Exchange/138/154/22

Podex Office in Mobius Grid

It was a great morning at Podex Exchange!
We got very excited today to see this snapshot:

It is official then - we are opening Podex office in a new virtual world - Adult Grid

Thanks to the kindness and great hospitality of the grid funders Rosie Lavochkin and Justin Case we are moving into a beautiful building on the Welcome area's main square. 
Come and visit us - we could use some extra hands with painting walls and hanging pictures! hop://theadultgrid.com:8002/The Safe Zone/127/116/23
If you got stuck in one place and getting a little bit bored, there is a great excuse to go “traveling” now - The fifth annual OpenSim grid survey run by Hypergrid Business may help you discover some hidden gems - check the grids listed, there is a huge chance you've never heard of at least some of them.

Don't forget about us while exploring though! We have our offices in four of the listed worlds:

Feel free to drop by if you happen to be in the neighbourhood!
We have a brand new virtual world!
My Zandramas grid has just been opened and we are proud to announce that Podex is already their’s official exchange service provider.

Curios about the new place? Come and visit us on Podex Island!
We are happy to announce that we have just joined the fast growing community on InWorldz grid as an official exchange service provider.

Visit us at our Podex Office in InWorldz
Podex Visa Card Gold has just been launched into the market! This new anonymous card has all the features which were missing in Podex Card Silver and which our clients were asking for. Online access, longer validity, ATM balance check are only some of them. You can buy it in many currencies and make payment in many methods including bitcoin. For details go to www.second-card.com
All Podex activities connected with Second Life linden dollars, Avination coins, Virtual Highway dollars or any other virtual curency exchange are now managed by new business entity:

PayBay LTD, 
Unit 4E Enterprise Court, 
Farfield Park, 
S63 5DB Rotherdam, 
Next great news for bitcoin users! Podex is accepting payments in bitcoins not only for Podex Visa Card but also for linden dollars. Have a look at our manual How to buy L$ fot BTC and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.
Beside many ways of payment for Podex Visa Card the new one has been added – Internet Bitcoin currency. You can now buy the cards totally anonymously. Purchase of Linden dollars for bitcoins will be implemented in our system soon.
We inform that a new payment method for Anonymous Podex Visa Card has just been introduced. Apart from PayPal, Micropayment (Sofort) and wire transfers clients can also use Ukash vouchers.
Podex, as the only linden reseller in Second Life started to offer its services to Latin America countries. Our clients from Colombia, Mexico and Peru can buy lindens using their national currencies and regional methods of payments.
According to Comparison of Linden Dollars Exchanges Podex is third best company in Second Life and second operating worldwide.
A new branch of Podex has just been opened!
We are very pleased to have an opportunity to invite you to a new grid - Virtual Highway.
We are already there, so visit us at our office.
We are very happy to announce that Podex has been given the permission to sell linden dollars as a member of Authorised Reseller Program.
Despite the dark clouds over independent third party exchanges Podex Exchange continues its normal work selling and buying L$. The only change is stricter security policy which can cause delays with some transactions. We are sorry for it.

We also want to assure our clients that not only their real money and linden dollars are save with us but also their personal data. Our policy of not requiring any registration to use Podex services have always guaranteed maximum security. We just have nothing to be stolen.

To remain in total compliance with Linden Lab regulations and The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”) guidance our legal office started preparing application process to become officially registered money services business (MSB).

Podex Art Gallery is our non-profit project opened in our new office. Visitors can find a big set of art artefacts gathered on four floors of virtual museum.

Exhibitions include Polish art gallery (Deso Ersetu and Leew Turbo), permanent exhibition of Podex sculpture collection and temporary exhibition of Asmita Duranjaya (Germany).

Visit it inworld and have a look at the web page of Podex Gallery of Second Life Art.
Podex Office moved to the new location. All clients are asked to update their landmark links.
We released some statictics regarding third party exchanges, including Podex Exchange and LindeX, and showing general interest of Second Life users in selling and buying lindens. Second Life L$ Exchange Statics
Have you seen our new Facebook page? No? So it is high time to give it a try and 'like it' if you really like it.
New advertisement of one of our leading products came into light. You can watch it on YouTube and enjoy the pleasure of using Podex Visa Card which gives you the possibility to sell lindens and withdraw money in real world. You can also buy lindens using it. Just check: www.second-card.com
Podex Exchange is proud to be one of the creators of multimedia art exhibition "Dualis" which took place both in Second Life and in Real Life. A small photo documentary of this event : Real Life, Second Life
Warming up cold winter days Podex Exchange is happy to announce Big Winter Discount for C$ (Avination currency). Podex price is 3,60 USD per 1000 C$ ( price in Avination official exchange – 4,00 USD per 1000 C$). It is limited time offer so you'd better hurry up!
Saying good bye to the old year and welcoming the new one we offer our clients new service – possiblity of sending money directly to their bank accounts. Paypal is no longer needed, you can have money on your account faster and cheaper!
Do you have problem with buying linden dollars? You do not know which exchange you should choose? Have a look at this manual created by Salivan Mubble.
We implemented new method of receiving money for L$ exchange. Western Union is the service that lets you collect money from Podex Exchange in post-offices and Western Union affilated offices. More details in Sell L$ part.
Entering Avination world is the next step of Podex developement. We widened our offer by implementing the option to exchange linden dollars to Avination C$. Have a look at our Avination web pages and give this virtual world a try, as it is surely worth it.
It is high time to brighten gloomy Sunday morning with some colours. Podex gallery is now active, documenting Podex Exchange history, present projects, our sponsor activity and much more.
Great news! New financial product has just been launched – real VISA card for Second Life users. You can now buy VISA card from Podex Exchange, load it with money in-world and use it in Real Life. www.second-card.com
New updated version of ToS is published. The main change is limiting access to our service for users using anonymous proxy or TOR network.
We are happy to announce signing agreement with Micropaypament AG what let us offer new payment methods. Now, our European clients can buy lindens making money transfers from their online or traditional bank accounts. Great solution for those who do not like revealing their credit card information.
Do you like perfect German service? Good news for you! Holger Gilruth opened a branch of Podex Exchange and sells lindens on German market. Look at his web page and be sure that all transactions done there are safe because he is affilated by us.
You do not need to have your own parcel or rented shop to earn lindens. New Podex affilate program has just started and you can be a millionare without any investment but your free time!
As soon as Podex Exchange was listed on Metabizlist some reviews of our company appeared. We are really happy that they are so positive and our client appreciate our work.

"What an interesting Sim! This place has a very professional business feel to it. All around you information about the services are supplied in an easy to read adboard. A real plus was how many comprehensive languages there are available here…"

"PODEX accepts many types of currency and has very good support staff. So don't worry if you mismatch something in currency change form. Come and simplify your currency change experience!"

Read more
Because of problems with Dotpay S.A. company regarding credit cards we decided to temporarily implement PayPal payments. Linden Dollars delivery can take a little longer for security reasons. You do not need to have PayPal account to make money transfer this way, normal credit or debit card is enough.
There can be temporary problem with payments made by credit cards. If your transaction was not accepted try once again next day. We are sorry for inconvenience.
Protesting against the attempts to censor freedom of Internet Podex Exchange has joined protest action and suspended some of its web pages e.g www.secondmovie.com www.second-bay.pl for one day. Keep Internet free!
Podex Exchange has just opened a new web page www.secondmovie.com which is a non profit portal aimed at collecting videos created in Second Life or regarding Second Life matter. Please feel invited to watch, comment and contribute new stuff. Any help or suggestion will be highly appreciated.
Beta version of Live Help Desk is ready! Please contact our officers on the web page if you have any questions about Podex services and Second Life features.
We updated Privacy Policy both in Polish and English version.
The possibility to pay for L$ by credit cards in PLN is active again. We also activated the option to pay by Moneybookers e-wallet.
SLNEWSER has published a story Dark Business for Helloween at Podex . Take your time to read it – Bixyl Shuftan at his best!

"It was a late October day at the Podex Exchange. The employees talked a little about Burn2 at the month’s begining, but most of the conversation was about Halloween. The tellers and clients chatted about the various haunted places across the Grid, various scary games, plus the abundance of Halloween parties and all of those spooky costumes. It was turning dusk, and getting close to closing time when a dark figure walked in. He was dressed all in black, and resembled a humanoid bat, covered in thin black fur and with huge wings folded on his back. After a couple moments of looking around, he walked up to one of the tellers..."
Exchange rate of LS to PLN has changed for 13 pln/1000 LS (sell), 9,50 pln/1000 LS (buy)
Podex web page has a new design. We hope you will like it.
New affiliate program EARN with PODEX ATM is introduced. Have a look on our web page for more info.

"If you own or rent a shop, club, private land etc and want to earn extra L$ nothing should stop you from rezzing Podex ATM on your land. The ATM in only one prim object and the scripts inside will not cause any lag on your parcel. But the most important – you will get 3 percent of every cash out from this ATM…"
Podex started cooperation with online money transfer company Transferuj.pl. All transactions of Polish customers will be done by Transferuj.pl while credit card payments are still served by Dotpay company. Polish customers are asked to choose other currency than PLN if they want to pay by credit card.
All connections between Podex ATMs inworld and Podex servers are encrypted to ensure higher security level of transactions.
Because of good exchange rate of Polish zloty to US dollar we can offer really competitive prices, much lower than other third party exchanges and even Linden Lab. Have a look at our widget on the left see the difference.
Podex Exchange is glad to announce starting company blog. Stay tuned to be informed about Podex news, promotions, special discounts etc.