Can I trust Podex?
Podex has a long exchange history in virtual worlds as we started our activity in 2007. We are officially registered company and have agreements with all the grids which we cooperate.
All our company data is not hidden (you can find it on our contact page). Podex finances are managed by international accountancy office Aexea - you can always contact them and ask about Podex Exchange.
Isn’t that enough to build your trust?

Why should I buy coins in Podex Exchange, not in other third party exchange?
It is always your choice but please take into consideration our reliability and… just compare the prices. Podex usually has the best exchange rates.

How long should I wait to get virtual coins or real money?
Your coins are transfered to your avatar immediately when your payment is accepted. Money transfer can take up to four working days but we do our best to send them as soon as possible.

I received e-mail that my transaction has not been accepted. Does it mean that I can not buy virtual currency?
No. It just simply means that there is a problem with your card or bank account. First, check that you have enough money to buy coins. If this is not a problem try once again choosing other method of payment. If all fails contact your bank and ask them about the reason.

My transaction was accepted but I have not received my coins. What is wrong?
It can happen sometimes that there is a bug in the system. No worry - your money is never lost in Podex. Just contact us by our contact form and describe problem submitting PayPal transaction number, your PayPal account name and message from ATM. We will correct everything and send you coins immediatelly.

My transaction has been rejected but money was taken from my account! Who stole it?
Nobody. Money was frozen on the account by your bank and as soon as they receive information about rejection they will release it.

Who can be Podex affiliate?
Everybody. We offer our service to all avatars with a valid in-world account.

Is affiliate program safe for me as a seller?
Yes. You do not invest any funds nor grant us permission to access your account. There is no risk – you can only win.

Is affiliate program safe for clients?
Yes. Clients only fill in the form on the web page of the seller and the rest of transaction is proceed by Podex Exchange. The seller is only agent with no access to client’s data.

I am an affiliate. Do I have the guarantee that my profit will be paid?
Yes. We send you your share immediatelly after accepting the payment from your customer.

Can I open my own exchange company in-world using this system?
Sure. We will even help you with it! Together we stand, divided we fall.

Can I change exchange rate on my form?
No. Only Podex can do it. All the exchange rates will be automatically applied to your form.