Affiliate Program

Podex is glad to welcome you in our affiliate program which gives you the possibility to earn non limited amount of virtual cash without investing your own capital.

The virtual coins can be later exchanged into real money on our web page.

The only thing which you need is a place on your or your friend's parcel to put Podex materials. (Our ATM is only one prim object and the scripts inside will not cause any lag).
But the most important is that you will get 3% of transaction made by this ATM

  1. Teleport to Podex Exchange office and click Podex Promo Box. You will receive a folder containg:
    Podex ATM - It is a ready to use terminal which does not need any skills. Just rez it on your land and get your share.
    Podex Board - It works in the same way as Podex ATM.
    Podex Affiliate script - You can put this script in any object of your choice if you do not like our ATM. It will work as normal terminal i.e. you will receive your profit from transactions.
    Promo materials - There are some textures which you can use for advertising.
    All items are copiable and transferable so feel free to pass them to your friends. 
  2. Put Podex ATM (or your object with the affiliate script) on your parcel and decorate the nearby area with advertising materials. 
  3. Click the ATM to check if it works. If you are given a link to Podex web page it means that everything is OK. 
  4. Inform your clients and friends that you became Podex affiliate. Send them LM.

That is all.
Your affilate program begins and you start earning virtual coins from every transaction! Everytime somebody uses your terminal to purchase coins you will get your share.

Notice: You will not get your share if you buy from your own ATM.


Who can be Podex affiliate?
Everybody. We offer our service to all avatars with a valid in-world account.

Is affiliate program safe for me as a seller?
Yes. You do not invest any funds nor grant us permission to access your account. There is no risk – you can only win.

Is affiliate program safe for clients?
Yes. Clients fill in the form on Podex web page and the transaction is proceed by us. The seller is only agent with no access to client’s data.

I am an affiliate. Do I have the guarantee that my profit will be paid?
Yes. We send virtual coins to your avatar immediatelly when transaction is accepted.

Can I open my own exchange company in-world using this system?
Sure. We will even help you with it! Together we stand, divided we fall.

Can I change exchange rate on my form?
No. Only Podex can do it. All the exchange rates will be automatically applied to your form.

Is there any limit of my profit?
No, you can earn as much as you want.