Start podex money system on your grid

Info for the grid owners

If you are running your own grid or planning to open it soon we would be happy to offer our service of managing the whole currency system.

The main advantages of our system:

  • •  As a grid owner you are released from any legal or tax responsibility for managing currency. You can just enjoy the pleasure of managing your world with no risk!
    According to FINCEN Regulations any person, who fails to register as MBC may be liable for 5,000 USD per each violation as well as criminal fine and/or imprisonment up to 5 years.
  • •  Your world attracts new users by the possibility of earning real income.  
  • •  The currency is exchangeable for the currencies of other grids as well as for real money.  
  • •  Our system works in the same way as the payment system in Second Life, which many of your users are probably already used to.  
  • •  Transactions are done directly between avatars so no extra scripts are required.  
  • •  Users do not have to open new accounts or install software to make transactions. They just do business in your world. 
  • •  You can update your grid software without any risk that the currency system fails.  
  • •  If you already have the currency installed you can offer your clients more payment systems  
  • •  Your grid is included in the set of many grids where we manage the currency and advertised on our web page. 
  • •  and many, many more…

As the grid owner you will receive 2% of every transaction


If you do not have currency on your grid:
  1. Install currency system in your world. You can do it yourself using DTL/NSL Money Server or contact us and we we will recommend you a company which will help you with it. You can watch a video manual here
  2. Install history of transaction for your avatars. Although it is not absolutely necessary it will be a big help for both your users and us. 
  3. Send some currency to the avatar created by Podex and show us the place where we can set our office.  
  4. Our officer will rez the ATMs and promotional materials on Podex parcel. The economy system of your grid is ready! 

If you have already created currency system on your grid:
  1. Contact us to discuss the details of cooperation. 
  2. We will work as a reseller and distribute your currency for all our customers, also from other grids, offering many methods of payment and exchange between grids.

Remember, that in this case you are currency issuer and you are responsible for fulfilling all legal and tax obligations. In any case feel free to contact us and be sure that our supportive staff will be happy to help you.