About us

Podex Exchange is a trademark of a UK based company registered as PayBay I Ltd, 590 Kingston Road, London, United Kingdom, SW20 8DN.

We started our business activity in May 2007 exchanging virtual coins for Second Life users. Offering a wide range of payments including PayPal, credit cards, Sofort transfers, mobile payments etc as well as an outstanding quality of service Podex became the official reseller affiliated by Linden Lab.

The next step of Podex's developement was to expand our business activity to encompass multiple Open Grid communities where we offer the option of managing grid economy in accordance with legal and tax regulations with the possibility of transfering coins between grids.

Presently, we manage the economies of several dozen virtual worlds inhabited by hundreds of thousands users creating virtual content and exchanging items and services between grids.

The unique system of payment where the user's data cannot be detected, intercepted or used by third parties and is not kept on our data storage system makes Podex one of the safest services in all virtual worlds.

Apart from running everyday business activities, Podex Exchange sponsors the Podex Art Gallery, a non-profit project aimed at promoting the creativity of virtual artists with the goal of bringing together various creative tendencies in order to showcase the diversity of Second Life-based art. The three-floor gallery building features both permanent and temporary exhibitions and allows visitors to experience a sample of the diverse talents not only of creators already recognized for their work but also of those who have just entered the realm of conceptual art.